The Stapleton Family

We didn’t invent dry packaged soup mixes, but we’re working hard to perfect them!

Shirley Stapleton, Soup ‘n Stuff

I’ve made soups my whole life, although convincing my Husband that soup could be an entire meal took a few years. So while it might be second nature to me, it isn’t to everyone; Nor does everyone have the time to boil down bones, chop vegetables, and simmer a pot of soup all day.

But that doesn’t mean people don’t still want that homemade flavour, or a hearty soup that you just can’t get from a can.

We enjoy sitting at Farmers Markets, (we’ve been at one for the past 3 years, selling a product for our Son’s business) and were looking for something to sell that would keep us busier at the Markets, and more importantly to give us something to do in retirement. As we both enjoy cooking, and who doesn’t enjoy eating, this was a perfect fit. Making soups from dry goods, and making them taste as good as the ones using fresh ingredients isn’t always easy, but it is fun and interesting, and at the end of the day, you get to eat the soups of our labour.

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